2016 Hurd Award Winner

Try Kathy's Engineering Lesson called "Ship the Chip.pdf" Kathy is in her tenth year of teaching Science for grades 58 at St.Mary’s Visitation School in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. After over a dozen years in curriculum design at the Medical College of Wisconsin, it was back to school for a teaching license to add to a bachelor’s from Marquette University and a masters from the University of North Texas. Kathy challenges herself by undertaking professional development workshops in areas she is uncomfortable with! She has been to Houston to experience zero gravity, southern California to learn about radio telescopes and aerospace research, to Connecticut for training in robotics, northern Wisconsin for No Teacher Left Inside, and New Orleans to experience science from the World War II perspective. She serves on the NOVA Education Advisory Board and the NSTA Aerospace Programs Advisory Board. These experiences energize her and inject new enthusiasm and relevance into her teaching. When not teaching or writing grants for classroom equipment, Kathy, her husband, three boys and dog can be found on a boat somewhere! Their last vacation had them sailing the Keys in Florida but most of the summer is spent in beautiful northern Wisconsin catching rays and catching fish!