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Next year science teachers at my school need to provide 2 periods of science enrichment per 6 day rotation.  I don't know if there will be a budget for supplies.  Right now, I'm gathering ideas.  I would like the experiences to be authentic.  They can be single period activities or span several periods.  I might not have the same students each of the enrichment periods I have.  (It's complicated!)  Do you have any ideas what would be exciting, the kids would like and gain from?   Thanks!

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  • These programs are great....I have used most of them and can tell you more if you want to know.  Email me

    • Thanks, Lynn!!

    free downloads of high quality videos that can be used for discussions on all types of life science. they also have lesson plans that are created by teachers who have used the webpage. If you contribute they sometimes send you gift cards or dvd's . These are the people who filmed for NOVA and PBS series.

    • Thanks, Diana.  I'll give it a try!

  • Hi Peggy,

    There are some wonderful resources on Try Engineering ( Also, have you thought about having the kids do some coding tutorials? There are lots of free tutorials online.

    • Thanks, Patty.  I'm going to check Try Engineering.  I think coding is going to be covered by our tech teachers.  We are suppose to stay within our subject area.  

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