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Join us!

The National Middle Level Science Teachers Association is the ONLY science teacher association devoted to meeting the unique needs of middle school science educators. We welcome you to join us to receive the following member benefits:

  • Recognition as a member of a national science educator association
  • Opportunities for leadership at a national level
  • Apply for the annual Paul de Hart Hurd Award ($1,000)
  • VIP status for presentation proposals at NSTA Area Conferences
  • Assist in planning for the Meet Me in the Middle Day at the National NSTA Conference
  • Enjoy summer travel opportunities with other NMLSTA members

Become a member by downloading a membership form and mailing it to the NMLSTA Membership Chair

NMLSTA Membership Chair

Kathy Brooks ( )
769 West Pond Meadow Rd.
Westbrook, CT 06498

West Pond Meadow Rd,

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